The Sky Broke Apart Then You Appeared

Warning: This might be a longgggggg post. Hehe.

March 30, 2016 was probably the most exciting day I have ever encountered at the duration of my 14 year old life. It was mom’s birthday, and it was also the day I flew out of the country for a while to survive the heat unleashed from hell. charot.

Our flight was 8:00 AM I think. But we went out of our house by 2:00 AM because we knew madami pang echos sa airport. But even though I was so excited with the flight because it’s my first time flying out of the country, I got allergies. My face was full of itchy butligs and they burned. A lot. An awful lot. But I tried to not kill the fun because IT WAS OUR FIRST TIME ABROAD BAKET AKO MAGIINARTE?????  

Time skip nalang kase pag kinwento ko ng buo baka umabot ako next week kaka-type. Charot ulit. 

DAY 1:

I took pictures while we were inside the taxi since we didn’t know how the transportation system worked there. Of course it was very very different from the Philippines, they were a lot more disciplined that we are. Hahahaha. We went to our hotel, we took a look at our hotel rooms, and we decided to rest since we haven’t slept because of the flight. 

My brother was the designated tour guide kase he was the only one who was masipag enough to buy maps, understand Hong Kong’s transportation system, and look around the place. We took pictures, he read the maps.


We literally got lost. We walked for hours on end to find a pair of adidas superstar because it was a lot cheaper there. But boy I was wrong. It was sold out on every adidas store.  But fortunately, we managed to stumble upon the only place it was currently sold on, and there it was. I bought it for 1000 Hong Kong dollars. Mga 6k pesos ata yun dito kaya yun wala na ko chaching.

I was both happy and sad. Pero K lang kase kumain kami noodles yay!!!!

Ang anghang niyan

Nawala talaga kami. Promise, momshie~

DAY 2:


i crei
Childhood dream ko talaga yan beh so medyo naluha ako??? Acceptable naman siguro yon?????

We walked through all the lands, like Toy Story land, Tomorrowland, etc. lam niyo na yun. 

Toy Story land was the best for me because two words: Toy. Story.

Walking around the various lands made me veryyy emotional since it’s technically every child’s dream and I never have thought that I would get the chance to roam around Disneyland. Oh my gaaaaaah.

The rides were kid friendly, of course, so there wasn’t any extreme rides at all, except for the race car thing. We rode it, and it goes back and forth 3 times only I think????? So akala namin di worth it pero boring pag di kami sumakay. But when we tried it, we honestly felt like our lungs were about to burst and our hearts were about to literally jump out through our throats.

Panget ng quality pero sinakyan namin yan!!!!!!

And also, what’s a Disneyland trip without the night parade?????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


DAY 3:


I was excited for Ocean Park because I THINK I had a great #OOTD kaya ready ako for stolen shots and iba pa. hahahaha. 


The place was supeeeeer big!!!! We had to ride a cable car or  a cable train to truly roam around the different spots of the place. They had the similar ~lands~ of Disneyland. Each land had different themes.

Medyo hassle kase takot pamilya ko sa heights. 
We bought different pasalubongs and unlike Disneyland, there was this part of Ocean park where there were lots of different extreme rides. They had their own version of Enchanted Kingdom’s Rio Grande ride. Basang basa kami non kainis wala kami extra clothes :(((

When it was a little bit late, we went back to the main park and went around and saw PANDAAAAAAAAAS <33333333



It was getting a little late and it was suddenly time for the fountain show!!!!! Kul nung show may mga apoy apoy. 




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And we kinda learned to stop the taxi rides because it cost a lot more than trains.

Train diba yun yung ulan??????


Hmmmm. Hirap makakuha ng #aesthetic shots huhuhuhu.





DAY 4:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since we knew how the transportation works already, we just took a bus to the pier, or where the ferry sails. After the bus, we instantly rode the ferry. It was supeeer refreshing since everything was in place. Walang naggugulangan sa upuan because almost everyone wants to stand up enjoying the view. And we saw lots of Pinoys there too!!! :-)))

Umabot kaming mga 12:00 PM papunta palang sa kabilang island but it was completely fine. It was super exhausting since we literally hiked trying to go to the highest peak. But we stopped halfway hahahah. Nagspend nalang kami ng time sa garden!!! ❤ 

Tapos yun bumalik  nalang kami sa may pier tapos bumili kami ice cream.


Pero we were supposed to watch like a space chuchu na show kaso it was too late na. We had to go back to the hotel awwwwww.

DAY 5:


wE WOKE UP SUPER EARLY OMG????? Literal na team #nosleep kami 😦 but super duper nakakaiyak beh talaga. I think our flight was a little bit delayed so it added to the stress and the sadness. The longer time I spend at the airport, the longer time I also had to overcome my feelingzzzzzz. Pero soon enough, we had to board na and it was finally time to bid goodbye to the first place I went to out of the country.

hong kong.jpg
Babalik ako, promise! ❤ mwa mwa tsup tsup

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