Lara & I enlisted our #sawi essentials to get us through our most sawi days. Pak ganire daming pauso??? Sawi ako sa school kempu and Lara, on the other hand, sawi sa….secret hahehe. Ok, g!

1. Food

Lara & I recommend noodles in a cup or any soup in a cup. Can be spicy or not depending on what you prefer.

Spicy level = Sawi level

In Lara’s case she recommends:

And I recommend:

We got milk teas because it’s our comfort drink (?? Haha)​​


​2. Playlist

Lara and I have gathered some songs you can listen to when you feel #sawi with your crush (or lover) and you want to take a little break from the world. May jamming pa kayong mag-friendship! Hahahaha. I will add more songs here so… Listen nalang kayo hahaha. (Click mo ‘to dali!!!! -> #Sawi )

3. Kwento

Of course, you and your #sawi buddy should always share some senti moments (and kilig moments as well!!!!) & you should also take the opportunity to tell them things you’ve never told anyone before! Sarap sa feeling!!! Share lang kayo ng share! Isabay mo yan sa food niyo, and in no time, tatawa nalang kayo! (Kung maanghang yung food ingatzzz lang baka mabilaukan ka??? haha)

4. Weather / Temperature

Eating spicy food + Cold weather (whether it’s rain or aircon aircon lang) = DRAMAHAN. Eto na yung time na may isang lalampaso ng sarili sa sahig with matching dabog at dialogue na “bakit ba kasi hindi nalang ako???”. Nothing beats the moment especially if there’s the sound of rain outside, accompanying you & your friend’s tears. (Chos)

5. Friend

Of course, there will be no #sawi session if you have no one to be #sawi with. Always remember who were there for you sa lubak ng daan, and never hesitate about sharing your problems! (Kasi sharing is caring) Wag mong dibdibin yan, kasi ‘la ka naman no’n. Charot hahaha.

Nays wan!!! Mura lang yang noodles!!!! Pero ang kwentuhan = pRICELESS. Always remember: lilipas din yan 🙂

PS pinakaspecial yung food diyan wag niyo yun kalimutan!!!!!!


Your Online Sawi Buddies


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