The First And Last Day

Submitted by Mack Jake Romero

I was in love with you on the first day.

The first day we sat together in school,
The first day I laid my eyes on you,
The first day we laughed together that made your eyes close,
The first day that you said you like me too.

But as we came across the final day, I found out that everything was a lie.

You made me believe that I had a chance.

I was holding on to something that doesn’t even exist.
I was holding on to my ‘what ifs’
That the ‘first day’ was something my mind created to make me sane.

Now I don’t know why I still can’t get you out of my mind.
Now I don’t know how to move on.

And that on the last day you broke me.
That last day you didn’t even say a word.
That last day you never looked back.
The last day we said our goodbyes.


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