The Christmas Of My Eye

Submitted by Lara Ysabelle Guerrero

Some things don’t really come as you expect it.

Like you. It was one day that me and our seatmates got teamed up for a group report. You weren’t talking to me, I found it weird. We were seatmates for almost a week and you started talking to me. You have this sense of humor that was really my type. We talked about the girl that’s crushing on your bestfriend. I realized that we were talking behing other people’s backs, but I didn’t mind. I was with you. You lit my phone up by messages, and it seemed that you were more comfortable talking to me that way. I even stood up late just to talk to you until you fall asleep because you wanted me to.

Until one day, we stopped talking.

I wanted to blame our adviser for changing our seating arrangement, but that was being shallow. I started to think that you were giving me hints. I tried to send you messages, you replied but it was nothing but a dry conversation. I came to the point that I felt stupid. I felt stupid because I already saw you with her, happily chatting like the way we were. I counted the months that we weren’t having communication.

I’m like a child counting the days ’til Christmas but the difference is, there was nothing to watch out for, or is there?


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