To The Ones Who Helped Me Heal

I felt my friend pat my back while tears poured out of my eyes.

And suddenly, it all went okay.

I took a break from all these posts about love, not because I was getting tired of it, but because I just cry whenever I encounter one.

And whenever I do, they’re always there.

They are like a breath of fresh air whenever I suffocate from love lies.

And I suffocate a lot of times, I could feel my heart break to pieces. And they’re always there to pick them up.

I poured my love out so many times, and they were the ones who repeatedly filled me with it.

And it’s crazy how I just waste it. I spit it out as if it was garbage; I give it away as if it was unworthy to me. But it was actually me who was unworthy of their love.

So before I dry my tears up with the back of my hands, I turned to my friends, looked at them in the eye, and said with the biggest smile, “Salamat.”

You see, we forget a lot of things.

And sometimes, we’re so hurt that we forget the ones who heal us.



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